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Is Steve McIntyre an expert statistician?

I am not afraid of admitting my own areas of ignorance.  The human body of knowledge is enormous and no one can possess all of it, or even be moderately familiar with all of it.  The only shame is in pretending otherwise. This admission fundamentally shapes my personal approach to the whole Hockeystick/Dendrochronology/Michael Mann brouhaha,…

Of Geese and Ganders

“Show me the code!” This is the rallying cry of climate “skeptics” everywhere and the foundation of the numerous climate conspiracy insinuations hurled around the blogosphere. Well, apparently what is good for the goose, the infamous Hockeystick, is not so good for the gander, the Wegman Report. Please see John Mashey’s article on Desmog Blog.…

Revealing the decline

From greenman3610, Climate Crock of the Week gives a thorough review and debunking of “hide the decline” including the latest on Muller and the BEST project.

Obama reveals long form birth certificate

Barak Obama has finally released his long form birth certificate. Will it satisfy the Birthers? (Yes, there is a climate connection. Check the links!)

Experts claim 2006 climate report plagiarized

The wheels continue to fall off the Wegman Report. “It kind of undermines the credibility of your work criticizing others’ integrity when you don’t conform to the basic rules of scholarship,” Virginia Tech plagiarism expert Skip Garner says. Further down: