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Just a few decades left for coral reefs

Further to my mention of Ken Caldiera’s recent Scientific American article “The Great Climate Experiment” the other day, I wanted to call attention to this passages as well: the vast oceans resist change, but change they will. At no time in Earth’s past—with the possible exception of mass-extinction events—has ocean chemistry changed as much and…

Nature News – a serious omission

I have mentioned it frequently before, there is another serious problem with pumping CO2 into the atmosphere, ocean acidification. Geoengineering should never be discussed without mentioning it. The Way Things Break tells Nature as much.

Yours truly on The Reef Tank

While on the subject of interviews, I was recently contacted with an interview request by the website The Reef Tank. Loath to turn down any opportunity to talk about myself (what do you expect, I’m a blogger fer cryin’ out loud!) I filled out the question sheet they sent over and you can read the…

Another big problem with geoengineering

Real Climate has a good post on geo-engineering and why it is only fitting as a final act of desperation, not a policy platform. It expresses very well all my own misgivings (it’s a terribly dangerous one-chance-to-get-it-right experiment on the entire planet, it commits the human race to centuries of climatic meddling, it will ultimately…