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Making Lemonade

I poke into Jennifer Marohasy’s blog from time to time, though I am no longer a regular commenter. I gave that up a couple of years ago but still take any special cases as opportunities to chime in again. She’s one of those standard types of sceptics, the “scientist” from another discipline just “honestly” investigating…

Bright Scientists, Dim Notions

“Bright Scientists, Dim Notions” is the title of a NYT article from a few days ago prompted by the recent controversy over scientifically unfounded and racist remarks made by James Watson about the supposedly inherently inferior intelligence of the African race as compared to Caucasians.

Exxon Hires Dogbert Consulting

Okay, that headline should really say “What if…”, but hey, this is one of “the internets” and I’m just one of those irresponsible activist bloggers, so what do I care? But let’s get to the point…