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538 Broken Things

I am a longtime fan of ThingsBreak though his/her posts are a bit of a rarity these days.  The latest post is a very good one on the recent debut of Nate Silver’s 538 blog.  I have read a few now and “Nate Silver falls off” is the one to choose if you only only choose…

So, George Will and the Washington Post are at it again, head over to Things Break for the details. These institutions are oblivious to their own impending demise, a demise that articles like George Will’s show they fully deserve. [Update: Grist notes that Will is called out by name by his own paper for making…

It’s not really that hard to understand

“It’s not really that hard to understand” is the catch phrase in this YouTube video featuring Herman Daly, the subject is the insanity of the economic cult of perpetual growth: I got this from the most recent posting at Things Break, which you should read and be sure to follow the links.