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Hot Stuff

A little Friday Funnies video to contemplate along with the wildfire near Yosemite…. Hot Stuff by Zlatko Grgic, National Film Board of Canada My favorite line: “Stop it!  Please, I have to wash the rocks!”

Hot times in Australia

As I mentioned briefly before, I have just returned from Australia and as you could imagine, the heatwaves and wildfires were a hot topic(how funny am I?). So the death toll is expected to exceed 200 people. Southern Australia has been experiencing extreme drought for many years now, so the whole place is a tinder…

South America chokes as Amazon Burns

“South America chokes as Amazon Burns” is the headline on an online Independent news article. Apparently the annual practice of fall burning to clear forest land so we can eat hamburgers and get fat has spun out of control this year. The world’s largest forest has become a bit of a “tinder box” due to…