Orac knows World War II and Holocaust history


  1. #1 Prup aka Jim Benton
    February 17, 2006

    I hope, if you check out Deborah Lipstadt’s piece on the Northwestern U. newspaper allowing Dr. Butz to publish a letter explaining his ‘position,’ you check the fedback to the editorial explaining their decision. 20 letters, 18 (!) of them including anti-Semitic comments — one even directs readers to a speech by William Pierce. The only two against Butz are one one-liner and one by the “Public Editor” of the publication.

    What the —- is going on at Northwestern? Aren’t there any skeptics, historians, scientists, or even non-idiots there?

    If there are any readers or bloggers linked here who are connected with the school, can’t they do something?

    Sorry for the slight hysteria, but this is SCARY.

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