Respectful Insolence

Orac knows a lot of other things too

Continuing my series of posts designed to categorize and archive essential insolence from the old blog, I now continue with some miscellaneous tidbits:

  • The EneMan files (Dedicated to the very strange character who is this weblog’s de facto mascot)
  • Orac’s encounter with Derek Jeter
  • I never realized
  • “Zero tolerance”=”Zero common sense”
  • Kentucky Zombie update
  • Inauguration Day musings
  • First impressions of Mac OS X v10.4 (“Tiger”)
  • Fourth of July thoughts
  • Dispatches from the road
  • September 11
  • Scary (Followup: It looks like I found Chris some friends)
  • Unclear on the concept
  • A death in the family
  • Comments

    1. #1 Kristjan Wager
      February 20, 2006

      There are porblems making comments here. You might want to raise that with the ScienceBlogs people.