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His Noodliness walks (or flies) among us, and here’s the evidence. Hey, it’s better than any “evidence” that I’ve seen supporting the existence of UFO’s or ghosts.

Technical problems resolved

Previous technical problems that prevented my posts and your comments from showing up on this blog have now been resolved. Orac is back online. Everything appears to be working as it should, and you should be able to comment again. If you haven’t contributed your own You might be an altie if… idea, now’s the…

For a humorous take on the David Irving verdict

For a humorous take on the David Irving verdict, go here. The Photoshopped picture and caption are priceless.

Well, that was fast. The trial took less than a day. David Irving, as expected, pleaded guilty. As expected, he was found guilty of Holocaust denial. What was not expected was the severity of the sentence: VIENNA, Feb. 20 (AP) — The British historian David Irving on Monday pleaded guilty to denying the Holocaust and…