Somebody please tell me this is a joke

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Paris Hilton prepares for Mother Theresa role.

I almost choked on my ice tea when I read that. Please tell me this is a sick joke. It sure sounds like one, and certainly the source doesn’t look particularly reliable. Even so…

(OK, OK, I know. Enough with the fluff. I’ll start posting more about medicine–surgery, actually– tomorrow and science after that.)


  1. #1 Moof
    February 27, 2006


    And Michael Jackson will probably play Padro Pio …

  2. #2 ebohlman
    February 27, 2006

    Paris Hilton must be the queen of self-referentiality. She’s famous. What’s she famous for? Being famous, that’s what. There are celebrities who are actors. There are celebrities who are singers. There are celebrities who are athletes. There are celebrities who are artists. And there are celebrities who are just celebrities. There are even celebrities who got their celebrity staus from being celebrities in ratcher closed circles (Geiers, anyone? Weston Price?).

  3. #3 Kristjan Wager
    February 27, 2006

    Actually it’s the director of the movie that wants to cast Hilton as Mother Theresa, so we can’t even blame her ego for it.

  4. #4 Roman Werpachowski
    February 27, 2006

    So, is she ready to switch genres?

  5. #5 TheProbe
    February 27, 2006

    …and Michael jackson will play Father Flanagan….

  6. #6 DJ
    February 27, 2006

    Hmmm. There must be more to Mother Teresa’s life than is commonly known.

  7. #7 Prup aka Jim Benton
    February 27, 2006

    It sounds like a joke, and I have yet to see a strong source on it, but it seems to have been mentioned in a lot of places world-wide, though mostly starting from the Hindustan TIMES (the director is a well-known Bollywood figure).

    Now we see if Catholics are any good at rioting. Anybody want to but futures in Indian flags?

  8. #8 Barry
    February 27, 2006

    Other way around – Indian flag sales should be on fire, so to speak.

  9. #9 ElGordo
    March 1, 2006

    Actually, DJ came closest to the surprising truth. Please go get a copy of Christopher Hitchens’ “The Missionary Position” to learn a lot about the ‘great’ MT.

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