An excruciatingly large 29th Meeting of the Skeptics’ Circle has been posted at the Huge Entity. As usual, the skeptical blogosphere has come through, and Danieru has managed to corral the best skeptical blogging out there in, of all things, Mu-Haiku form, as he says:

In prose nor dialectic,
equality you’ll find,
but semantic perspiration,
of testosteron-ic kinds.

Today’s sceptical enquiries,
their beauty will astound,
an inner neutral wonder,
in Haiku can be found.

But please whilst idly glancing,
debating inner scathings,
think to yourself in half-rhyme:
Where are all the sceptic ladies?

Good question. Where are the Skepchicks when you need them?

Next up is Paige’s Page, where the 30th Meeting of the Skeptics’ Circle will appear two weeks hence on March 16. Start thinking of some good material to submit, and join us back at Paige’s Page in two weeks.


  1. #1 Kapitano
    March 2, 2006

    Where are all the sceptic ladies?

    There is a point there.

    It’s not such a problem that creationists, alties and fundamentalists tend to be middle-class, white males in suits. But surely the skeptics should be a broader group than that.

    I don’t especially care about someone’s age, gender, skin, class, sexuality or nationality when the important issue is the content of their thinking and writing. But skepticism shouldn’t just come from one type of person, because it’s relavent to all.

  2. #2 potentilla
    March 2, 2006

    I’m a sceptic, but I’m other things as well, so my blog isn’t specifically aimed at scepticism. Maybe one is more likely to write a blog specifically aimed at scpeticism the more competitive one is, and there are average sex differences in competitiveness?

  3. #3 Mr. Danieru
    March 2, 2006

    I wouldn’t say my blog was a sceptical based blog either, but I definitely agree that competitiveness has something to do with the inequality I outlined. Not only do men like to clash intellectual shoulders more often, they find it almost impossible to keep their opinions to themself.

    I find myself thrown around the blogsphere in a variety of directions, but the more links I tend to follow the more male focused blogs I find myself reading. Maybe the male/female intellectual circles need mixing up a bit, either that or I need to go out and actively hunt for female blogs. This screams of political correctness for the sake of it though… I know you’re out there!

  4. #4 potentilla
    March 3, 2006

    Dr Free-Ride often has something interesting to say:-

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