Friday random ten (on Saturday)

The Friday Random Ten is a bit of a blog tradition that many bloggers periodically indulge in, including fellow ScienceBloggers PZ, Chad, and John. However, Orac, ever the contrarian, likes to indulge in this practice on Saturdays (when he does it at all). So, without further ado, take a plunge into a very small sampling (0.08776%) of Orac’s music collection that happened to come up randomly on a shuffle play set for my entire iTunes library:

  1. The Harbinger Complex, I Think I’m Down (from: Nuggets: Original Artyfacts from the First Psychedelic Era).
  2. Suede (I refuse to call them “The London Suede,” the silly name they had to take for the American market), This Hollywood Life (from: Dog Man Star)
  3. Sigur Rós, Untitled 7 (from: ())
  4. The Clash, Groovy Times (from: Super Black Market Clash)
  5. The Glenn Miller Orchestra, Stairway to the Stars (from: The Golden Years 1938-1942)
  6. Led Zeppelin, That’s the Way (from Led Zeppelin III)
  7. David Bowie, Speed of Life (from: Stage)
  8. Blondie, Will Anything Happen (from: The Platinum Collection)
  9. TSOL, No Time (from: Revenge)
  10. Gordon Lightfoot, The Patriot’s Dream (from: Don Quixote)

And, a super bonus 11th tune from the Random Ten, just because it’s so cool and because, as a huge fan, I just couldn’t leave it out because it came up 11th:

  • Godspeed You Black Emperor!, East Hastings (from F# A# ∞)

Truly, a strange mix of tunes this time. I guess that’s what I get for including my whole library in the Random Ten.


  1. #1 Jim Lippard
    March 4, 2006

    TSOL, eh? Did you listen to the original TSOL (before they changed singers on “Change Today?”)? “Dance With Me” and the EPs re-released on “Thoughts of Yesterday” are what I think of as the real TSOL, with “Beneath the Shadows” being an interesting experiment, kind of like (but much better than) Bad Religion’s “Into the Unknown.”

  2. #2 Clark Bartram
    March 4, 2006

    It’s amazing that despite our similar passions in life, the revealing of the truth to the credulous public and the examining of the influence of pseudoscience on our day to day lives, we have such different tastes in music. There are four on that list that I’ve never even heard of.

  3. #3 Orac
    March 5, 2006

    Which four?

  4. #4 Clark Bartram
    March 5, 2006

    The Harbinger Complex, Suede,Sigur Rós,TSOL. I thought I had a pretty decent fund of musical knowledge too.

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