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24 blogging: Holy crap!

Holy crap! They killed off… {Spoiler below the fold–if you’re in a time zone west of Eastern Standard, haven’t yet seen the episode because of the time difference, and don’t want to know what happens at the end of the episode, don’t read below the fold. You’ve been warned!}

The Geiers go dumpster-diving yet again

Curse you, Mark and David Geier. I’m getting tired of having to subject my scientific and critical thinking skills to the assaults on science and reason that you routinely publish in dubious journals to use as weapons in your apparently never-ending crusade to extract as much money as possible out of vaccine manufacturers and the…

It’s worse than I thought

A while back, I mentioned how the budget proposed in the President’s budget for the NIH for fiscal year 2007 was flat. It turns out that, for those of us in the field of cancer research, it’s worse than that. Making the rounds at our cancer institute is an e-mail from one of the higher-ups,…