Archives for March 11, 2006

What some people will do for fun

Given the spring-like weather we’ve been enjoying the last couple of days, I happened across a reminder of what the weather was like just a few weeks ago. I’ve never understood the attraction of doing this for fun. To me it looks profoundly unpleasant at best. Insanity.

Need more cowbell?

Need more cowbell? Not if you’re this guy. Bummer. Next we’ll hear about miraculous “cowbell cures” from alties.

Reminder: The Skeptics’ Circle

Just a reminder that the Skeptics’ Circle is nearly upon us. It’s scheduled to appear this Thursday at Paiges’ Page. Get your submissions to Paige at before Wednesday night. The guidelines can be found here, with more detail than you probably want to know here. Let’s help Paige keep up the tradition of great…