Archives for March 18, 2006

Even geeks need love

Trek Passions, anyone? The sad thing is, if I had discovered such a site before I met my wife, I might have been seriously tempted to join, even though I suspect that the male-to-female ratio is very unfavorable–to males.

More on the new Doctor Who

Based on some comments on my previous post complaining that the first episode of the new Doctor Who was a bit uneven and the stories not so great, I thought I’d mention my overview of the season. I have one thing to say: Patience. I agree that the first couple of episodes were uneven and…

Buried in e-mail

Ever since I started blogging 15 months ago, I had always wondered if this day would come, if my blog would ever become popular enough for this day to come, something that was hard to imagine back when I was averaging less than 50 visits a day to this blog. Finally it has. I can…