Everyone’s evil, and so am I…sort of

It looks like everyone at ScienceBlogs is trying this quiz. Now that I have been completely assimilated into the collective, I cannot resist. So…

You Are 22% Evil

A bit of evil lurks in your heart, but you hide it well.
In some ways, you are the most dangerous kind of evil.


  1. #1 Joseph O'Donnell
    March 29, 2006

    Ha! I edge you out by 2%!

  2. #2 razib
    March 29, 2006

    weak!!!!. do gooder 🙂

  3. #3 Mechanophile
    March 29, 2006

    Whoo! 40%!

    Then again, though, that’s in Canadian evil, so it probably works out to about 10% US.

  4. #4 Mogens Michaelsen
    March 29, 2006

    I am only 10% evil! Much less evil than people on different science blogs, most of whom are scientists, I guess?

    Since I am not a scientist, it looks like science makes people more evil, doesn’t it?

    Or maybe 10% us-evil corresponds to something like 40% evil here in Denmark?

  5. #5 Graculus
    March 29, 2006


    Apparently just being an atheist makes me more evil.

    Oh, 42% evil.

    “Kid, have you ever been arrested?”

    Then again, though, that’s in Canadian evil, so it probably works out to about 10% US.

    The exchange rates for evil have been very good lately, though. Stephen Harper, “Doris” Day, the entire National Post….

  6. #6 BronzeDog
    March 29, 2006

    12%. I’m a good dog, and deserve a tummy rub.

  7. #7 BigHeathenMike
    March 29, 2006

    Sadly, I’m 64%. Apparently, I’m “very evil”. Stay away.

  8. #8 Cheeto
    March 29, 2006

    44% – a fair amount of evil.

    Although I don’t know what formula they use to calculate evil, I am assuming that not believing in god lowered my percentage of evil.

  9. #9 Prup aka Jim Benton
    March 29, 2006

    I made 32% but found this one a LOT more fun:
    since it doesn’t just judge you, but picks your ‘ultimate destination.’ (I got 168 on this one.)
    Trouble with both tests, particularly the ‘hell’ test is that they are strictly qualitative (Have you ever…) If they asked “How often have you…” I’d be packing my bags for a cooler climate right now. (Yes, cooler. Did you scientists forget that hot air RISES? — okay, stole it from THE NEW YORKER but that should earn me an exytra point on either test.)


  10. #10 alphabitch
    March 29, 2006

    I got 30% on the evilness test, which I found a little disappointing, frankly — but I did score 165 on the helltest (“Who let you out on a day pass?” was their comment). I guess I already knew that I was headed straight for hell. I’d feel worse about it if I thought there actually were such a place.

  11. #11 Dawn
    March 29, 2006

    I’m 38% evil, but only scored 112 on the going to hell quiz…..Not sure that makes sense but guess it depends on the questions.

  12. #12 Tara Mobley
    March 29, 2006

    36% evil. Some of the questions didn’t seem to be about anything that was particularly evil though.

  13. #13 Mechanophile
    March 29, 2006

    Bah, my 40% evil depreciated to a 62 on the helltest. That’s disappointing.

  14. #14 Mrs. Orac
    March 29, 2006

    Like two peas in a pod-we’re so compatible! I’m 22% evil too!!

  15. #15 Katie
    March 30, 2006

    Good to know, I am only 14% evil!

  16. #16 Roman Werpachowski
    March 30, 2006

    You Are 52% Evil

    You are evil, but you haven’t yet mastered the dark side.
    Fear not though – you are on your way to world domination.

    Sorry folks 🙁

  17. #17 Ahistoricality
    March 30, 2006

    I am 12%: Squirm, you evildoers!

  18. #18 BronzeDog
    March 30, 2006

    I’m not a geek. I’m a 12(%) level paladin.

  19. #19 Anonymous
    May 17, 2006

    You Are 80% Evil

    You are very evil. And you’re too evil to care.
    Those who love you probably also fear you. A lot.

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