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Archives for April 7, 2006

A very poo-filled Skeptics’ Circle

Just a reminder that the Skeptics’ Circle is fast approaching. This time, it’s hosted once again by a guy who goes by the name of The Pooflinger, and it’s set to be flung at the blogosphere next Thursday, April 13. Submissions are due sometime in the evening next Wednesday. As you may recall, The Pooflinger…

One last photo from my afternoon at Venice Beach a couple of weeks ago. All I want to ask is this: Is this Alice Cooper’s daughter? Dark eyeliner like Dad’s? Check. Huge snake like Dad’s? Check. It could be. Or is this her below?

Good Wi-Fi, Bad Wi-Fi

It’s rare for me to be gone so much in such a short period of time. Two meetings in two weeks, one in San Diego and one in Washington, DC, and I’m bushed. One thing that continually irks me on the two or three occasions each year when I go to meetings is how blatantly…