Lucky Manhattanites


Lucky bastards living in Manhattan. You’ll soon have a flagship Apple Store that will be open twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.


Is it just me, though, or does the store thus far bear an uncanny resemblance to a Borg ship?

i-ab752ba3d1148e4f0b489a66c8ab6d7c-Borg attack.jpg

This is one case where I’d gladly be assimilated.


  1. #1 razib
    April 10, 2006

    apple stores aren’t all that. they are all too cold IMO.

  2. #2 Charlie B
    April 10, 2006

    Bears an uncanny resemblence to the Ka’aba too… New alternative pilgrimage site, maybe?


  3. #3 Dave Munger
    April 10, 2006

    I love macs as much as the next guy, but I really can’t understand the obsession with Apple stores. It’s not like you can’t go online and buy anything you want 24 hours a day. Sure, it might take 24 to 36 hours to actually get the merchandise in hand, but how often isn’t that fast enough?

    Do you really realize at 2 a.m. on a Tuesday that you need a computer, and waiting until 9 a.m. on Thursday just isn’t going to cut it?

  4. #4 John Wilkins
    April 10, 2006

    Resistance is useless. You will be assimilated into the Mac fraternity…

  5. #5 Ben R
    April 10, 2006

    No, its the monolith from 2001!

  6. #6 Katie
    April 10, 2006

    I agree, it is Borg cube! Resistance if futile!

  7. #7 TheProbe
    April 10, 2006

    Hmmm..the locale looks like Federal Plaza where the Feds have an office buildings and the US District Court for the Southern District of NY…the NYS Supreme Court and the place where McCoy walks….near 1 Hogan Plaza….

    Is there something in Islam about Apple that protects the area?

    I was in the Apple Store in Roosevel Field on Saturday as I wanted to see and discuss the new system where Windows and Mac live side by side…all that harmony…they told me it was not up and running and they had no idea when it would arrive at the store…

  8. #8 Joe
    April 10, 2006

    The new Apple store is in front of the GM building at 59th and 5th (SE corner of Central Park) not Federal Plaza.

  9. #9 wheatdogg
    April 10, 2006

    Isn’t it supposed to imitate the NeXT cube?

  10. #10 danamania
    April 10, 2006

    wheatdogg: Perhaps you’re right…

  11. #11 BronzeDog
    April 10, 2006

    I think it’s a side effect from Apple’s assimilation into the Microsoft collective. A Mac with an Intel chip and Windows XP? Can you even call that a Mac?

  12. #12 Mike Dunford
    April 10, 2006

    Re: 59th and 5th:

    My memory might be off, but doesn’t that put it on the uptown side of the same building that holds the FAO Schwartz main store?

  13. #13 TheProbe
    April 10, 2006

    Thansk for the correction. The buildings looked familiar.

  14. #14 madbard
    April 10, 2006

    actually there is a building at U W Madison that has the Tetris-y block shape facade that looks more Borgish. Except the building is shaped like a slap (ala 2001) than a cube. But along the wide side, it is very Borgish.

  15. #15 Paul
    April 10, 2006

    Large box, glass sides, filled with computational goodness? Ok, it’s not entirely glass, but I thought the resemblance would have been enough for *this* blog.

  16. #16 Gray Lensman
    April 10, 2006

    We have two Apple stores in Denver and they are busy all the time (not 24/7).

    I hope they don’t hire the same guys as the big photo stores in Manhattan:
    “You want that?”

    Actually, I love NY. People are helpful in my experience. Try standing on a corner in Mahattan with a city map and a blank look. Six people will stop and argue with each other about the best way to get where you are going. Lots of pointing and arm waving. After all, they are all Democrats!

  17. #17 Locutus
    April 10, 2006

    It’s just you… Pay no attention, let the nanoprobes
    do their work…

  18. #18 clone3g
    April 10, 2006

    Now with Intel chipsets, x86 architecture , runs Windows, resistance is futile….no wait, prepare to be assimilated.

  19. #19 wheatdogg
    April 10, 2006

    danamania —

    Nice work!

    orac —

    Can I impose on you to ask the scienceblogs techies to fix this *%$%#@! posting problem? I think I’ve figured it out. If I visit one scienceblog, like Dispatches .., then another, like yours, I can post to the first, but not to the second. I have to clear my scienceblog cookies. Surely they must be a fix. FYI, I am using Firefox 1.5 on Ubuntu Linux. (Hah, neither Mac nor Mic. Take that, Borg Queen!)


  20. #20 Frank
    June 30, 2006

    Reminds me of a public restroom in Europe.

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