Archives for April 12, 2006

Another variant on chiropractic

A while ago, I discussed the case of a chiropracter who has pioneered a technique of “touchless” chiropractic, manipulating patient’s spines without even touching them. Well, an Ohio chiropracter has gone one step further. He claims he can cure patients by going back in time:

My first ban

After his behavior in Monday’s post about the Geiers, I’ve reluctantly decided to issue my first ban ever on a commenter. The one on the receiving end? Fore Sam. Is anyone surprised? His rhetoric has become increasingly violent-sounding, with his posting comments suggesting that Kathleen Seidel should be taken out and horsewhipped. That’s over the…

Tangled Bank #51

Tangled Bank #51 has been posted over at Discovering Biology in a Digital World. Get your fix of science blogging all in one neat package.

Excellent. Having had to work on a talk last night, I didn’t have any time to write anything substantive. Horrified at the thought of this blog going silent on a weekday (going silent on the weekend doesn’t concern me much, given that my traffic almost always falls by around 50% regardless of whether I post…