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Archives for April 17, 2006

Just when it’s getting exciting on 24

I can relate to this one… And, yes, between the hours of 9 PM and 10 PM EDST, don’t bother me. I’ll be…occupied. But before I settle down, I can’t resist posting this special Easter 24 banner:

Oh, what the heck?

All the other ScienceBloggers are taking this test, so why not? What Disease Are You? You Are Influenza! Also known as the flu, you are warm, nurturing, and make a great confidante. People admire you for your gentleness and honesty. While you can’t literally wipe out 35,000,000 people by causing them to drown in their…

Mrs. Hitler and her doctor

In 1907, Adolf Hitler’s mother Klara died of breast cancer at age 47, when Hitler was only 18. The young Hitler was devastated by her death. Indeed, in Mein Kampf, Hitler described her death thusly: These were the happiest days of my life and seemed to me almost a dream; and a mere dream it…

Oh great…

Cannibal killers have blogs now too….right here.