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Today, April 25, 2006 is Holocaust Heroes and Martyrs Remembrance Day. In commemoration, here’s a list of almost everything I’ve written regarding the Holocaust, Holocaust denial, and anti-Semitism since the beginning:

Is a medical Wikipedia a good idea?

I had wanted to proceed to part 5 of my Medicine and Evolution series, but, frankly, I wasn’t much in the mood for anything serious over the weekend, and, let’s face it, that case of the blog blahs continued even into yesterday. Otherwise I would have done my blog buds Abel Pharmboy and Bora more…

Grand Rounds is up!

Grand Rounds, vol. 2, no. 31 has been posted at Health Business Blog. Check it out.!

More RIAA stupidity

This time, as part of their campaign of intimidation, they’re suing a family that doesn’t even own a computer: A Rockmart family is being sued for illegal music file sharing, despite the fact that they don’t even own a computer. A federal lawsuit filed this week in Rome by the Recording Industry Association of America…