Archives for May 9, 2006

How to choose a career in medicine

Via Kevin, MD and The Huffington Post, of all places: While you’re at it, remember to follow the medical student food pyramid. (Of course, the pyramid left out Doritos and Coke, my Breakfast of Champions when I was a first year medical student.)

I toady to my Seed overlords

In an attempt to periodically provoke discussion on various issues, our overlords at Seed plan on posing questions to us ScienceBloggers. The first question, which some of us have already answered is this: If you could cause one invention from the last hundred years never to have been made at all, which would it be,…

Carnival roundup

Here are some good blog carnivals today: Grand Rounds, vol. 2, no. 33 is up over at fellow SB’er’s place, Aetiology, and it’s a big one. This carnival just keeps getting bigger and better. (It’s also too much to read in one sitting.) RINO Sightings has been posted over at the Environmental Republican. And, better…