Respectful Insolence

A Snow job on evolution

If you want to see how depressingly ignorant about science President Bush’s new Press Secretary Tony Snow is, you need go no further than this rant at Bad Astronomy about Snow’s assertions about evolution confidently made in obviously complete ignorance about science, what a theory is, what a hypothesis is, or what evolutionary theory actually says.

Depressing. The spokesperson for our President is clueless about science.


  1. #1 Ian B Gibson
    May 13, 2006

    Depressing. The spokesperson for our President is clueless about science.

    Yeah – never saw that one coming..

  2. #2 Dad Of Cameron
    May 13, 2006


    You’d have really enjoyed JREF’s TAM4 meeting this year. One of the speakers was Murray Gell-Mann who highlighted his experiences with several different presidential administrations in science advisory roles over the years and the vast differences they expressed in terms of interest and comprehension of science in general. It was fascinating.

  3. #3 theRidger
    May 13, 2006

    You expected otherwise? W surrounds himself with people who think like he does, and he always has. Snow is typical – also ultimately meaningless, since his job is merely to repeat what the administration wants repeated.

  4. #4 Kristjan Wager
    May 13, 2006

    I would guess the Clinton administrations would be the highlight of the recent administrations (say post-Carter), and that the second best would be Bush senior (though the Reagan administration wasn’t exactly against science, there were certain cases of massive ignorance displayed).

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