Archives for May 16, 2006

Religious nutjobs at their worst

While I’m being more political than usual, how about one more… I normally detest Sean Hannity. Basically, he’s Rush Limbaugh without the flashes of cleverness or humor. However, this time, he’s got it right on. I may be around three or four weeks behind the curve on this, but it’s worth looking at the video…

Hey, it worked for Hitler

Immigration has been on a lot of people’s minds lately with the nomination of Donald Trump for President by the Republican Party. In that spirit, I’ve resurrected a ten year old post that shows just how old and horrible Trump’s promise to deport 11-12 million immigrants in this country illegally—also, just how ridiculously impractical it would be and how much it would require an authoritarian state.

Halfway there!

Woo-hoo! Sometime yesterday, while I was in clinic, my Sitemeter hit 500,000 visits! Let’s see, it took one year, five months, and two days to reach that level. When I started my blog I never imagined it would reach 100,000 visits, much less a half a million. (Of course, it takes PZ a little more…