Archives for May 26, 2006

The worst theme park in the world?

It’s the Memorial Day weekend, and many of you will be taking off for various recreational activities over the three day weekend. Sadly, I’ll be on call and thus working the entire weekend, having drawn the short straw for this particular holiday. However, to console myself with the fact that it could be worse, I’ll…

Ah, the irony of it!

This is just too rich. As you know a few months ago, I commented about a British report that found high levels of mercury and other heavy metals in Chinese herbal medicines sold in the U.K. Some contained as much as 11% mercury by weight! It turns out that a JAMA paper from 2004 did…

Pat Robertson on Jews

I’ve commented before on some of Pat Robertson’s loonier statements. Given the sheer fundie religious nuttery that he regularly spouts, it takes something related to my regular blogging interests for him to catch my attention. I know it’s amazing, but somehow he managed to do just that. First, a little anti-Semitism: