Respectful Insolence

The Spoof on Andrew Wakefield

Well, it didn’t take The Spoof long to comment on the Andrew Wakefield affair. Choice bits:

While on holiday in the US in 1997 he was introduced to a creationist nutter called Professor Hugh Fudenberg who claimed to cure autistic children by giving them samples of his own bone marrow.

And, my favorite:

Wakefield was recruited for a sum not less than the publicly reported thrity peices of silver and began being tutored in Fudenberg’s “transfer factor technology” – the secret key to mastering miracle cures for childhood autism syndrome.

This theory was based on a curious supposition that special substances can be harvested from white blood cells. Fudenberg’s recipe – as stated before the US Supreme Court in 2001 – advised “injecting mice with measles, extracting and processing white cells, injecting the result into pregnant goats, milking them after kid-birth and turning the product into capsules for kids”.

Wakefield immediately tried to patent the recipie and headed back to the UK where he soon found a captive audience of desperate but gullible parents whose children had been diagnosed with autistic symptoms.



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