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Archives for June 19, 2006

Skeptics’ Circle

This weeks’ Skeptics’ Circle made a brief and mysterious appearance last week, only to disappear just as mysteriously back into the Bermuda Triangle. No doubt it will appear again as scheduled this week on Thursday, as always. If you want to take part, get your best skeptical blogging to Autism Diva at the this address…

Clark posted the latest Pediatric Grand Rounds Friday. Unfortunately, I didn’t get around to posting a plug until now. Go forth and read the best medblogging about pediatrics. Hopefully, I can give him a little late boost in traffic. Enjoy.

R.I.P. Don Lemmon

Almost two months ago, I posted a rather light-hearted skeptical takedown of a guy by the name of Don Lemmon, who billed himself on his website as The #1 Nutritionist Online. The main gimmicks of the post were twofold. First, I poked fun at his selling of dessicated animal glands, in which he harkened back…