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Archives for July 13, 2006

Sid Schwab has started blogging at Surgeonsblog. One of his early posts is about a particularly difficult breast cancer patient that he had to deal with. He even shares my pet peeve about mammographers: The radiologist who read my patient’s current xray reported that there was a cluster of indeterminant calcifications in the previously treated…

Over the couple of days or so, a minor flurry of comments have hit the ol’ blog. I hate to let commenters dictate the content of my blog, but it’s strictly a coincidence that this happens to be a post I had been planning sometime this week anyway and it comes around the same time…

Change of Shift time

The latest edition of Change of Shift, a blog carnival for nursing, has been posted at Emergiblog. Check it out.

You’ve probably heard of them, those concierge programs credit card companies offer that claim to be able to get you reservations at popular restaurants. You’ve probably wondered if they were any good or could do what is claimed. The Waiter gives the real story about how useful those cards are for this purpose.