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Archives for July 19, 2006

Tangled Bank

The latest Tangled Bank has been posted at a fellow skeptic’s blog, Salto Sobrius, who, it just so happens, is also scheduled to host the Skeptics’ Circle in September. Go catch up on the best science blogging of the last two weeks. Speaking of the Skeptics’ Circle, you still have a few hours left to…

iPods cause autism?

I thought this was a joke when a reader e-mailed me about it. I mean, it’s just so over-the-top that I had a hard time believing that it was real. It was (found via MacDailyNews):

President Bush’s first veto

Here we are, five and a half years into George W. Bush’s Presidency, and he’s not yet vetoed a bill. Not even a single bill. All sorts of bad legislation have been passed, from the bankruptcy reform legislation that makes it harder for people to start again after declaring bankruptcy, to budgets containing huge increases…

Jumping on the bandwagon for more woo

If Your Friday Dose of Woo from me isn’t enough woo for you, now Medgadget has inaugurated a new feature it calls Pseudoscience Friday (its first target: bioresonance testing). Between the two blogs, plus the Amazing Randi, that ought to be all the woo any skeptic could want to see debunked every Friday! In the…