Archives for July 22, 2006

Congratulations to Dr. R. W.!

Head on over and give fellow physician and outspoken warrior against pseudoscience Dr. R. W. a hearty congratulations! Today is his first blogiversary. May there be many more!

I tell you, I take a night off from blogging, not even glancing at the blog or my e-mail, instead falling into a deep slumber at 10 PM after The Dog Whisperer on TV, thanks to a somewhat stressful week and a large meal plus a beer, and what happens? Abraham’ Cherrix’s uncle comments on…

Bad history

The latest Carnival of Bad History has been posted over at Hiram Hover‘s. If you think the Bush Administration can abuse science, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet when it comes to how history is abused by various people and groups for ideological purposes!


A little blog housekeeping is in order here. Several days ago, the overlords at SEED Magazine installed a new spam filter, which, despite some fine-tuning over the last several days, unfortunately still seems a bit more indiscriminate than we’d like, sometimes gobbling up legitimate comments without our being able to figure out what words are…