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Grand Rounds no. 2, vol. 44

…has been posted at Medical Humanities. Enjoy the best medical blogging from the past week.

Creationists muscling in on my territory

Alright, now they’ve gone too far. I thought I’d seen every specious and fallacious argument and example that creationists could throw out there to annoy scientists and be gobbled up by the credulous, but I was wrong. They’re muscling in on my turf now! No, they’re not making fallacious arguments about how chemotherapy resistance says…

Starchild Abraham Cherrix back in court

From the AP: NORFOLK, Va. (AP) — A 16-year-old cancer patient was headed to court Tuesday with his lawyers to try to block a judge’s order requiring him to report to a hospital the same day for treatment as doctors deem necessary. A juvenile court judge on Monday denied a request by lawyers for Starchild…