I’m a blog grandfather

Amazing. As hard as it is for me to believe, it looks as though I might have spawned another one. One of my regular commenters has decided to dip her foot into the blogosphere. Oddly enough for one of my offspring, the blog concerns motorcycles. (I’ve only been on a motorcycle a couple of times in my life and never as the driver.) Even so, I’d be a really neglectful blog parent if I didn’t give her a plug for Ren and the Art of Motorcycles.


  1. #1 Maggie Rosethorn
    August 5, 2006

    Thanks for the plug, Orac. Now I’ll just have to come down and take you for a spin on the back of the bike. I think you’ll fit very nicely in the top box (how big are you? It’s hard to tell from the picture) 🙂

    There will be other subjects, too. The title would have just been unwieldy if I’d listed medicine, books, traveling, nursing stories, midwifery stories…..I can just say that, like a Renaissance (wo)man, I have many interests.

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