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Archives for August 14, 2006

Skeptics Circle reminder

Skeptics! (And those who value critical thinking and science.) Don’t forget, the next edition of the Skeptics’ Circle is scheduled to be posted this Thursday, August 17 at Interverbal. If you’re a blogger interested in critical thinking and rationality and have written a post that would do The Amazing Randi proud that you’d like to…

Here’s a feature I’ve been meaning to start almost since I started this blog, a series along the line of Dr. Bard Parker’s Tales of the Trauma Service. Oddly enough, it only took me over a year and a half to get around to writing the first entry, for reasons that, quite frankly, I don’t…

Pediatric Grands Rounds

Pediatric Grand Rounds vol. 1, no. 9 has been posted at Unintelligent Design. This time it’s in the form of a test. Do you think you’re ready for…the Pediatric Grand Rounds Review and Education Program (PGRREP)?