Archives for September 13, 2006

Tangled Bank

Tangled Bank #62 has been posted at The Hairy Museum of Natural History. Get your science blogging fix.

NIH grant funding in crisis

I was going to blog about this a couple of days ago, but the Scientific Activist beat me to it, leading to a heads-up from PZ Myers. Never let it be said that a little thing like that stopped me from putting my two cents in. Besides, I think I bring a certain perspective that…

I feel so honored

Sometimes there are things that happen when blogging. You get accolades from unexpected sources, little ego boosts that make it all worthwhile. Such a thing happened yesterday, on the basis of my little blurb mentioning Skeptico’s takedown of Hank Barnes’s misuse of logical fallacies. The reaction, as reflected in the comments in Hank’s blog, was…