With the latest edition of the Skeptics’ Circle due to appear later today, I’d just like to point out that I’ve become aware of two new skeptical blogs:

Action Skeptics (I like its catchphrase, “Annoying stupid people, one woo at a time.”)

The Antidote: Counterspin for Health Care and Health News

They’re worth checking out, and I’ll keep an eye on them to see how they develop. And while we’re at it, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention another skeptical blog belonging to someone who’s become a frequent commenter here. That’s right, I mean Amy Alkon, a.k.a. The Advice Goddess, who runs a pretty mean blog of her own.


  1. #1 Akusai
    September 14, 2006

    Thank you kindly for the mention, Orac. Imagine me (difficult, I know, as you’ve never met me) as a cowboy, tipping the brim of my hat in your direction. Or, rather, as Captain Malcolm Reynolds, smiling and nodding. He’s much cooler than any cowboy. We’ll do our best over at Action Skeptics to live up to that catchphrase.

  2. #2 Amy Alkon
    September 14, 2006

    Thanks, Orac — an honor, coming from you!

  3. #3 Bronze Dog
    September 14, 2006

    Showed a little of my own link love.

    Pardon me while I freak out: I dropped my PSP.

  4. #4 Emily DeVoto
    September 26, 2006

    Much appreciate the mention… now I understand the 75 unique hits I got that day when I was on vacation, playing with my baby nieces, and doing nothing at all with the blog.


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