Archives for October 19, 2006

Some rather unusual plush toys

A while ago, I pointed out some cool plush toys depicting giant microbes. Apparently, though, urologists and colorectal surgeons want in on the action. Are you ready for…Pee & Poo?

Homeopathy deconstructed in the FASEB Journal

Well, this is encouraging to see: A scientific journal publishing an article debunking pseudoscience, in this case the pseudoscience of homeopathy. (Grrrlscientist might object to the use of Hogwarts in the title, in essence comparing homeopathy to the wizardry of Harry Potter’s world. So would I, actually. Such a comparison is an insult to Hogwarts.)…

Greatest baseball turnaround ever?

Tom Verducci makes the case that the greated reversal in baseball history has just occurred with the Tigers making the World Series. Although they didn’t have the worst record of any World Series team in the season before they reached the World Series (that “honor” belongs to the the 1991 Atlanta Braves), they had the…