Sadly for some of my readers, it won’t be a Mets-Tigers World Series. The Cardinals pulled it out in game seven in a classic fashion, winning the game 3-1.

FOX isn’t going to like an all-Midwest World Series. You could almost hear the disappointment that there wouldn’t be a big market team like the Mets in the Series this year to generate better ratings.

But I love it and can hardly wait. Unlike fellow SBer Afarensis, I’m hoping the end result is a repeat of 1968. But without the Tigers falling behind three games to one before coming back. I don’t know if I could take that sort of suspense any more at my age.


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  1. #1 Ruth
    October 20, 2006

    I lived for 44 years in Michigan, but now live in St. Louis. Which team do I root for?

    What part of Michigan are you from? The thumb? The over-priced pinky region?

  2. #2 Orac
    October 20, 2006

    Detroit, Michigan, baby, born and raised! (Well, raised on Detroit’s west side until I was 10; that’s when our family moved to the ‘burbs).

  3. #3 Sara
    October 20, 2006

    All the networks have to do is market it as the I-69 (&70) series!

    Although as my husband pointed out, it’s more like the STL Gate 3 series (unless Northwest has changed their cate at the St. Louis airport since we left Missouri)

  4. #4 TheProbe
    October 20, 2006

    Fall 1968–Iron Triangle…mud…snakes…booby traps…no thanks…

    I’ll take the Jets on Sunday for my share of the Lions…

    A media marketer I know is in 7th heaven…the media sales rates without a NY team are always lower…

  5. #5 Kiwiwriter
    October 20, 2006

    Given that the Tigers have had rest, have excellent pitching from top to bottom, hungry and aggressive ballplayers, and the Cardinals don’t have much of a bullpen, the Tigers are likely to win this one in five games, six at most.

    That means the victory party will likely be in St. Louis, as in 2004, just to annoy Cardinal fans further.

    I do not want to hear any complaints about how the Mets and Yankees spend all the money to sign all the good players. Neither team has won a World Series in this century.

  6. #6 Dawn
    October 21, 2006

    Haven’t been online since Thursday so missed all this…what an AWESOME picture! Love the Spirit of Detroit in a Tigers jersey! Sock it to ‘um, TIGERS!!!

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