Another truly scary Halloween costume

Remembering two rather frivolous posts that I made last weekend, you might have an idea of what this costume might be.

Yes, you too can Be The Hoff.

Of course, if The Hoff is not your style, you can also Be The Magnum.

(Via Attu World.)


  1. #1 Flea
    October 30, 2006

    I had a med school roommate named Hoff. He was scary enough.


  2. #2 Rebecca
    October 30, 2006

    So, you’re a model and you get the call for a Halloween Costume gig. You think, “Ok, this is probably going to be cheesy, but it should be fun too. Right?” Then they hand you the Hoff and you put it on… You’re a model, you get paid to look pretty and smile for the camera, but even you can’t manage to hide your disdain for this ridiculous getup. Throughout the photo shoot one thing keeps repeating itself over and over in your mind, “I’m gonna kill my agent!!”

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