Archives for November 2, 2006

Resveratrol as an antiaging treatment?

Let Abel Pharmboy put all the hype over the study showing that resveratrol, a compound found in red wine, can extend the lifespan of mice by 20-30% in better perspective for you.

Ready for some history?

The History Carnival XLII has been posted at Holocaust Controversies. Sergey runs a great blog about Holocaust denial and history; you should add Holocaust Controversies to your regular blogroll. One entry that particularly saddened me was the story of how, which was a great resource for information on the Aktion Reinhard camps, self-destructed. Sergey…

Suzanne Somers annoys me. She annoys me because, despite the fact that her statements and activities over the last 25 years reveal her to be probably no more intelligent than the character that she played on Three’s Company, she still feels the need to spread misinformation about diet and medicine in several books that she…

Change of Shift time

The latest edition of Change of Shift, the blog carnival about nursing, has been posted at DisappearingJohn RN.