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Archives for November 5, 2006

Holy crap! (I mean, literally, holy crap!)

The title of this one made me laugh out loud: Fossilized Feces of Jesus Wreaks Havoc, and the article itself doesn’t disappoint: The recent discovery of a fossilized lump of human feces believed to have once emerged from the body of Jesus Christ, Son of God, has swept a whirlpool of excitement and controversy throughout…

Pediatric Grand Rounds, vol. 1, no. 5

Pediatric Grand Rounds, vol. 1, no. 5 has been posted at Tales from the Womb. Some good reading for your Sunday afternoon.

An all time high

October was a very good month for Respectful Insolence, a very good month indeed. In fact, traffic for this blog reached an all-time high, edging out the previous best month (May 2006) by about 1,000 visits on Sitemeter. It just goes to show that, although traffic has more or less leveled off and is fluctuating…

Sunday tune

I’ve been talking up My Chemical Romance’s Welcome to the Black Parade as an album that takes punk, glam, Goth, and sprinkles in a touch of Queen here and there like seasoning to produce an irresistable, sometimes over-the-top, album full of theatricality, bombast, and anthemic choruses that make you want to sing along. Check out…