I voted a couple hours ago, and polls have just closed in my part of the country. All over the eastern part of the U.S., the counting of the votes is shifting into high gear. This election year saw some truly disgusting negative ads all over the country. Too bad none of them were like this one:


  1. #1 Carol
    November 7, 2006

    Those damned Dwarfs.

  2. #2 Ahistoricality
    November 7, 2006

    Why can’t dwarves push for their own interests just like humans and halflings without people crying “conspiracy” and “go back underground!”

  3. #3 Brian X
    November 8, 2006

    Yeah, but didn’t Frodo wind up known as Eccentric Rich Dude while Sam, Merry, and Pippin went on to Greater Things? I mean, how often do you see Eccentric Rich Dudes getting into politics…

    Oh, wait.

  4. #4 anonimouse
    November 8, 2006

    Hey, at least Dawn Winkler got her butt kicked in the Colorado governor’s race. That ensures that the sun will rise and the world will not come to an end tomorrow.

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