Archives for November 14, 2006

Grand Rounds vol. 3, no. 8

Monty Python invades Grand Rounds over at the rumors were true. Read it, or we shall be forced to say “Ni!” to you.

A newfound respect for David Copperfield

I always thought that David Copperfield was a bit cheesy. Heck, I still do. But this incident gives me a bit of respect for him: WEST PALM BEACH, Florida (AP) — One of three teenagers charged with attempting to rob illusionist David Copperfield as he left a performance has pleaded guilty. Terrance Riley, 17, was…

Patch Adams has lost his mind

Light blogging today, I’m afraid. My high speed Internet access was on the fritz last night, leaving odds and ends. Truly annoying. (On the other hand, maybe it’s the FSM’s way of telling me to slow down a bit.) Patch Adams, the famous doctor who advocates humor in medicine and has been known to dress…