Archives for November 16, 2006

My recent post (coupled with similar posts by Dr. R. W. and Abel Pharmboy) about the American Medical Student Association (AMSA) and its credulous promotion of non-evidence-based alternative medicine while posing as being “skeptical” of big pharma brought this rejoinder from Joseph of Corpus Callosum, in which he took issue with one aspect of my…

Although I’m clearly not as vociferous about this as other ScienceBloggers, I do remain concerned about the rise of fundamentalist religion, whether it be Christian, Muslim, Jewish, or whatever. Whenever dogmatic, literal, fundamentalist interpretation of whatever holy scriptures someone believes in takes hold, the brain shuts off, and no other interpretation other than the narrow…

The History Carnival

While we’re plugging blog carnivals, why not pay a visit to the History Carnival, over at the Axis of Evel Knievel?

From the U.K.: A new Change of Shift

Change of Shift, the blog carnival for nursing, comes to us from the U.K. at Life in the NHS.