Archives for December 6, 2006

When not to treat?

The Cheerful Oncologist posts a nice piece about When Is No Treatment the Right Treatment? It’s a difficult question that surgical oncologists have to face as well. His example is a man with lung cancer who has recently rapidly deteriorated with little hope for long-term survival. Should he get chemotherapy? Are the risks (immunosuppression, etc.)…

What is a surgical oncologist?

Although I’ve mentioned before that I am a surgical oncologist, but I recently noticed that, in nearly five months of blogging, I’ve yet to explain exactly what that is or what it means. I’ve written about all sorts of things, ranging from alternative medicine, to the evolution-creationism conflict, to the Holocaust, to even trying my…

Grand Rounds, vol. 3, no. 11

Grand Rounds vol. 3, no. 11 has been posted at The Antidote. Enjoy!