Take a look at this image:


At first glance, it looks as though it’s supporting Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, doesn’t it? But it’s not. Not really. If you haven’t figured out why yet, you’ll see below the fold:


COPENHAGEN – A Danish art group that pokes fun at world leaders targeted Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on Wednesday by placing an advertisement in a Tehran newspaper with an insulting hidden message.

Beneath a picture of the president, a series of apparently sympathetic statements were arranged such as “Support his fight against Bush” and “Iran has the right to produce nuclear energy.” The ad was attributed to “Danes for World Peace.”

However, the first letters of each phrase, when read from top to bottom, spell out “S-W-I-N-E.”

Crude, but in this case appropriate, given Ahmadinejad’s Holocaust denial. Hopefully, because it’s not making fun of the Prophet Mohammed, there won’t be rioting in the streets of Tehran over this.


  1. #1 The Ridger
    December 23, 2006

    Ummm…. No image. I had to view your source and go to the page to see the picture.

  2. #2 TheProbe
    December 23, 2006

    Crude? Not at all. Elegant in simplicity. So simple that it got by the Iranian censors.

  3. #3 Nick
    December 23, 2006

    Considering the pasting he got in the local elections recently, many Iranians may agree with them.

  4. #4 Orac
    December 23, 2006

    Ummm…. No image. I had to view your source and go to the page to see the picture.

    No idea why. The picture shows up fine here, and I’m not even using my own computer.

  5. #5 Ahistoricality
    December 23, 2006

    How many people are going to get it without being told?

    Of course, nobody’s going to see it without news gloss at this point, so I suppose it’s OK.

    I think they needed to go through another couple of drafts (beers or revisions, either one)….

  6. #6 James
    December 23, 2006

    Ah the fine tradition of political acrostics lives on I see.

  7. #7 Stephen
    December 23, 2006

    Rioting in the streets? I don’t think so.
    Elections are a bigger problem for the president.
    Ahmadinejad won’t suffer from this at all.
    Little chance he’ll even hear about it.
    No-one will spot the wordplay without help.
    Even then, how many Iranians would understand it?
    Acrostics are just too obscure for most people.
    The cartoonists really need to try harder.

  8. #8 Ted
    December 23, 2006

    “We thought we would poke fun at Ahmadinejad because we don’t think he’s very liberal or sensitive,” said Jan Egesborg, a member of the art group Surrend.

    “We think he represents an extreme ideology,” he said.

    I read his blog a few times. He doesn’t call it The Google so he’s way ahead in some ways.

    To get the same effect, couldn’t they do an art exhibition of that no one comes to…or perhaps a mocking performance art piece done in their living room for their sole amusement? It’s pathetic.

  9. #9 JohnnieCanuck
    December 24, 2006

    Now wait for the retaliation. You know they won’t be able to resist.

  10. #10 S. Rivlin
    December 24, 2006

    I, for one, believe that the Danish cartoonists killed two birds with one stone: They have described Ahmadinejad and his ideology for what they are and, at the same time, have described Bush and his policies for what they are.

  11. #11 Peter da SIlva
    December 24, 2006

    Piet Hein must be spinning in his grave.

  12. #12 vjack
    December 28, 2006

    That might be a bit too subtle for its own good. I thought that something seemed odd about it, but I never would have guessed at the SWINE thing on my own.

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