Back in the saddle again…

Yes, after a week off, both from work and (mostly) from blogging, I’m back. I know I promised the occasional new material, but I found that not blogging for a week was actually a good thing and thus didn’t post anything new after Christmas. Even though I’m back, though, I’m taking one more day off before firing up the blog again. In the meantime, I’ve scheduled for this afternoon the reposting of a couple of tasty posts that were–shall we say?–a bit controversial in their day. I think they’re definitely worth reposting, even at the possible expense of drawing an even larger horde of trolls down upon this blog than showed up the first time these articles appeared. (My readership is much larger now than it was when I originally posted these.) I may also have more to say about this issue next week, if it doesn’t get crowded out by all the other topics I’d like to touch on.

Because of the New Year’s Day holiday, starting tomorrow I’ll ease back into things (after all, the there’s the Rose Bowl to be watched, not to mention the Doctor Who Christmas special that I BitTorrented immediately upon arriving home late last night). The normal daily dose of Respectful Insolence™ that you know (and hopefully love) should be back up to full speed by no later than January 2.


  1. #1 EB
    December 31, 2006

    Welcome back, Orac!

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