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A truly pointless way to die, part 3

If you want to know the skinny about the physiological mechanism by which a person can die of water intoxication, Radagast has posted A Look at Osmosis and Water Balance, a nice primer on the distribution of water in the human body and how it can be affected by drinking too much water too quickly.

Geez, I might as well just put a paper bag over my head right now around my fellow ScienceBloggers. You’ve heard me lament before about the woeful ignorance about biology and evolution common among all too many doctors. (You haven’t? Well check here, here, here, and here.) Heck, you’ve even heard me lament about it…

A truly pointless way to die, part 2

The other day, I commented on the very sad death of a young woman named Jennifer Strange. In essence, Ms. Strange died after a radio contest to see who could drink the most water without urinating. The prize? A Wii. This was pretty clearly a case of water intoxication leading to hyponatremia, an impression that…