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Archives for January 22, 2007


I demand the sum of… MILLION visits! Muhahahahahaha! Sometime while I was in clinic this morning, Respectful Insolence recorded its 1,000,000 visitor:

I would have written about this one on Friday, except that Your Friday Dose of Woo had to be served up. (You did read last week’s YFDoW, didn’t you? It was a particularly loopy bit of woo, with a bad computer interface grafted on to it, to boot!) The reason I wanted to write about…

ScienceBlogs under the microscope?

It looks like someone over at BlogCritics is undertaking the task of reviewing each of the component blogs of ScienceBlogs. So far, he’s not particularly impressed with anyone except Martin and, to a lesser extent, Afarensis. Although he makes a few good points in checking out the first five blogs (he’s proceeding in alphabetical order)…