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Archives for March 7, 2007

…even ten years after his death. I kind of like the reaction in this photo. It cracks me up. Maybe I should find a permanent home for it somewhere on the blog. (Don’t ask me how I became aware of this one.)

Flea is instructed by Autism Speaks

Flea has a rather amusing response to a letter about GI symptoms in autistic children that left him scratching his head… Don’t feel insulted, Flea; occasionally, we get mass mailings from cancer advocacy groups or–much more annoying to me and unfortunately much more frequent–pharmaceutical companies that sound as though they’re telling us how to treat…

The depths of antivaccination lunacy

I’ve posted many times about the pseudoscience of the mercury militia, that group of parents, bolstered by those Don Quixotes tilting at the mercury windmills in the cause of extracting more money from the government to compensate “vaccine-injured” children with autism, Mark and David Geier. These and other luminaries of the mecury militia blame vaccines…