How does one do this?

This driver should win some sort of award for bad driving:

A Bergen County woman was charged with driving under the influence after police said she mistook the landmark Boardwalk in Atlantic City for a road. Capt. Bill McKnight said he was on patrol when the vehicle sped by him Wednesday night.

McKnight had given chase with lights and siren when the vehicle made a U-turn and nearly hit his patrol car, he said. McKnight broke off the chase when speeds reached 40 m.p.h. because he feared for the safety of the few pedestrians who were on the wood structure. Two motorcycle officers cut off the driver.

If you’ve ever been to Atlantic City, you know that the Boardwalk does not look much like a road. I guess you’d have to be pretty plastered to make this mistake.


  1. #1 notmercury
    March 11, 2007

    This goes back to her childhood when she would always land on Boardwalk with her racecar game piece.

    I guess she could use that ‘Get out of jail’ card now.

  2. #2 Graculus
    March 11, 2007

    We had a case a few years back where someone that was perfectly sober thought a railway line was the road they wanted to turn on. The road was on the town line. She wouldn’t leave the car after it got stuck, and there was a train coming. You can guess the result.

    I got voted “office heartless bastard” for observing that it would have appeared in the other city paper if the train had been travelling westbound.

  3. #3 Bronze Dog
    March 12, 2007

    At least she didn’t try this.

  4. #4 anonimouse
    March 12, 2007

    How does one even get on the boardwalk with a car? I’m trying to think of an entrance to the boardwalk that would accomodate an automobile.

  5. #5 Troublesome Frog
    March 12, 2007

    I have to say, if you’re willing to use a motorcycle to cut off a driver who is clearly not all there, you’re a braver person than I am.

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