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Archives for March 19, 2007

The Egnor challenge, day 3

Two days ago, I posted a challenge to Dr. Egnor and clarified that challenge yesterday. Thus far, there has been no answer. I’m still waiting.

The genetics of autism

I had been planning on blogging about a couple of recent studies identifiying multiple genes that appear to be associated with autism and autism spectrum disorders, thus adding to the body of evidence showing that autism and ASDs have a significant genetic basis as part of their etiology. It turns out, however, that Steve Novella,…

It figures. Whenever I go away for a conference, things of interest to me that I’d like to blog about start happening fast and furious. Indeed, I could only deal with one of them, and I chose to post my challenge to the Paleyist “intelligent design” creationist surgeon, Dr. William Egnor. Now that I’m back,…